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Strategic Sourcing and Category Management
Auteur : Magnus Carlsson
Edition : Kogan Page - mai 2019

How is it possible to sell a kitchen at 30 per cent below market price? Why are hot dogs cheaper in IKEA than in the supermarket? How can IKEA sell the Lack table at half the price it was when it was launched 35 years ago and how can it be achieved with a substantial profit? Strategic Sourcing and Category Management examines how IKEA - and other cost leading companies - use category management to create advantages with direct and indirect sourcing. With 25 years' experience from IKEA, where he had the responsibility to develop and execute the company's purchasing strategy, author Magnus Carlsson shares his insights on important topics: when category management is profitable and why; how teams repeatedly create value and results; what the main approaches are in different categories; how a company implements category management; the difference between success and failure.

In this new edition of Strategic Sourcing and Category Management, Magnus Carlsson has added new themes including examples and references from companies such as Maersk, Carlsberg, P&G and Aldi, illustrating the application of cost leadership that spans far beyond IKEA. Even there, the cost leadership lessons are not limited to home furnishings as the company is sourcing categories such as food, components, materials, transports and indirect materials, with a total purchasing spend of approximately €7 billion. But maybe even more importantly, the book illustrates how teams create value by thinking differently and asking the right questions, allowing an understanding that goes beyond mere tools and processes.

The Nature of Purchasing
Insights from Research and Practice
Auteurs : Florian Schupp & Heiko Wöhner
Edition : Springer - mai 2020

This book was created in the spirit of learning from nature in the field of professional purchasing. It describes real-world purchasing problems faced by companies as well as individuals and presents natural hands-on solutions that apply scientific approaches. The book answers what the core of purchasing could be, the inner structure of it or in other words the natural way. Nature masters effectiveness based on immanent laws and ensures efficiency by best results for minimal invest. Especially in complex and ambiguous situations, purchasers benefit from this book by understanding the broader context with the help of recent scientific research.

Focusing on the problems that purchasers face in managerial practice rather than oversimplified generalizations, the book features step-by-step explanations, allowing readers to find tailored solutions to address challenges in key purchasing areas. The book was written in collaboration and with the help of experts in purchasing and logistics, biology, law and economics, human resource development, media and sports, and merges perspectives from theory and practice to provide natural strategies for purchasers.

11 - Co-innovation Dynamics.jpg
Co-innovation Dynamics
Auteur : Romaric Servajean-Hilst (France)
Edition : Wiley-ISTE - mai 2019

Over the last 30 years, the pace of innovation has exploded while available resources have become increasingly scarce. Open Innovation is the solution, with client–supplier relationships being the main expedient.
However, collaborating in innovation is full of obstacles, from uncertainties in innovation as a whole to difficulties with managing a business relationship.
Co-innovation Dynamics, based on a deep-dive ethnographic inquiry enlightened by state-of-the-art management research, presents the daily life story of a collaborative innovation project. Also, based on two other qualitative and quantitative studies on co-innovation management, this book offers lessons and tips on how to manage the dynamics of collaborative innovation in the client–supplier relationship.  

Sustainable Procurement in Supply Chain Operations 
Auteur : Sachin K. Mangla
Edition : Taylor & Francis Ltd - juin 2019

Sustainable Procurement is an emerging concept in supply chain and operations management. Manufacturing industries have made improvements in moving from cost-based to quality-based, and customer-focused supply chain management strategies. This is becoming an integrated component in the supply chain system, with players becoming aware of the regulations and needs of the customer. It is imperative for production firms to look at the procurement activity as one of the strategic enablers for sustaining the business in the competitive global environment. This book will provide industries with an understanding of the concepts related to sustainable procurement policies and its implementation.


  • Provides decision and theory development models in sustainable procurement supply chains

  • Includes contributions in all three major analytics: descriptive, predictive, and perspectives in the context of sustainable procurement supply chain

  • Discusses new business models with suppliers and opportunities for co-branding

  • Covers how to develop new tools to measure and allocate the gains from sustainable practices among stakeholders

  • Analyses the science of translating data into meaningful and actionable insights

Futureproofing Procurement: The Importance of an Ethical and Sustainable Approach Paperback
Auteur : Katie Jarvis-grove
Edition : Business Expert Press - mai 2021

This will be an educational book outlining how procurement has evolved and how it has to continue to evolve to incorporate ethics and sustainability. There will be lots of factual content, worked examples from my experience and handy hints to help procurement professionals ensure that they are acting ethically and promoting sustainability throughout their supply chains. The book will be in an easy to read and digest style, free from "theory dump" situations and in a relatable style to people within and aspiring to enter the profession. Whilst aimed at procurement workers, the book will provide information and guidance which will be useful to sales representatives, HR departments as well as marketing and accountancy teams. This is because procurement is a function that is integral to any organization and has to work cross-functionally throughout a business if ethical and sustainable practice is to be introduced and upheld.

A Practical Guide to E-Auctions for Procurement
Auteur : Jacob Gorm Larsen
Edition : KoganPage - février 2021

A Practical Guide to E-Auctions for Procurement presents a proven process for developing an e-auction and e-negotiation strategy, along with a catalogue of change management initiatives for securing buy-in internally in the organization. The different e-auction formats and benefits are explained in detail and demonstrated with practical examples, templates and advice that can be adopted by the reader.

Jacob and the team at Maersk are at the forefront when it comes to developing robots that execute e-auctions from end-to-end and are kicking off a transformation that will fundamentally change how we consider e-auctions and negotiations. In addition, with learnings from more than 10,000 e-auctions globally, this is the book for those in procurement looking to implement, deliver and maintain a thriving e-auction program.

Bad Buying: How organisations waste billions through failures, frauds and f*ck-ups
Auteur : Peter Smith
Edition : Penguin Business - octobre 2020

In this hilarious, fascinating and insightful expose, industry insider Peter Smith reveals the massive blunders and dodgy dealings taking place around the world as private companies and public sector bodies buy goods and services. A recent report showed that over 90% of procurement projects fail. So, why are so many billions wasted on ineptitude, mismanagement and, in some cases, fraud?

Disruptive Procurement: Winning in a Digital World
Auteurs : Michael F. Strohmer, Stephen Easton, Martin Eisenhut, Elouise Epstein, Robert Kromoser, Erik R. Peterson & Enrico Rizzon.
Edition : Springer - mai 2020

Disruptive Procurement is a radical new approach to creating value and innovation by challenging the status quo in the entire product and service line. It requires going far beyond conventional desktop procurement to understand the value the company brings to its customers as well as the value that suppliers bring to the company.

By combining knowledge of these two dimensions, companies become far more flexible and they move closer to disrupting the environment in ways that create value. To move toward Disruptive Procurement, companies need a holistic view and a complete new set of capabilities for staff in marketing, sales, R&D, manufacturing, innovation, and, of course, procurement.

This will only happen if procurement is fully backed by the Chief Executive Officer and companies embrace digital tools that will help make procurement slimmer and smarter.

Jumpstart to Digital Procurement: Pushing the Value Envelope in a New Age
Auteurs : Wolfgang Schnellbächer & Daniel Weise
Edition : Springer - novembre 2020

This book shows how digital transformation has the power to revolutionize the way procurement operates, and discusses how especially buyer decisions are empowered through artificial intelligence. Depending on a company's strategy all desired outcomes are possible, including doubling savings, innovation, sustainability, quality, speed, and halve the risk. Jumpstart to Digital Procurement is a hands-on guide on how companies can grasp the opportunities offered by digital transformation.  

Fifth-Generation Purchasing:
When pace meets power
Auteur : Hervé Legenvre & Bernard Gracia  
Edition : EIPM - février 2020

Over the past 10 years a Fifth-Generation of purchasing organisation has emerged. This new generation is capable of simultaneously using pace and power, speed and synergies. In this book, we share a vision consisting of six work modes that need to be mastered if one is to be among the purchasing leaders. We provide a wealth of interviews and tools that help purchasing and business leaders create a vision and reflect on its implementation.  

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